all done!

Image credit: PDX Shooters

The bike is complete and the competition finished. While we didn’t place we had a blast and received some very positive feedback. The last week leading up to the Friday morning deadline was exhausting and intense culminating in an all-nighter to hang all the components. I finally got to test ride it at 4.30am, three hours before the deadline. I will post images in the next few days of the final construction phase and more about the Oregon Manifest but first I wanted to thank all those people who came through for us :

Rob & Silas (brake studs)

Natalie (seat post)

Bill (water jet cutting)

Gideon (mental adjustment)

Dirty Kirty (welding advice)

Grady (cherry veneer)

Patrick (laser cutting)

Whoever cut our spokes at City Bikes

Heidi (sewing)

Dan (screw eyes)

The crew at Winks (the real ‘ace’ hardware)

Bamboo Revolution (for, well, bamboo)

Most of all I want to thank my family for putting up with my long absences, foul moods and total immersion to the exclusion of pretty much all else. I am humbled by there undying love and support. Finally a big thanks to Jeff, my collaborator, whose patience, unflagging enthusiasm and awe-inspiring craftsmanship has made this the best design collaboration I have ever been involved in. Despite being swamped with work he pretty much put his own business on hold for the entire week leading up to the competition. You would imagine we would want a break from all this but there we were driving around the Pearl District on Sunday discussing, you guessed it…… cargo bike No,3.

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