Liz Canning’s Cargo Bike Documentary Trailer

Liz Canning, mother of twins, cyclists and accomplished film maker (and obviously born with a surfeit of energy) is putting together a crowdsourced documentary about the quiet cargo bike revolution currently underway. And being that Art & Industry is all about cargo bikes all the time we have (or at least me, I haven’t told Jeff yet) jumped in feet first and offered to help out. Fancy getting involved? Check out the trailer and if you love it (how could you not?) drop Liz a line (

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4 thoughts on “Liz Canning’s Cargo Bike Documentary Trailer

  1. damepingouin on said:

    Yes I like that 🙂 I’ve got a Nihola, and 4 kids, and its really better than a car 🙂

  2. damepingouin,

    Four kids? Send me a photo….. this I have to see.


  3. damepingouin on said:

    yes 4, I will try to do a picture especially for U, U can believe there are MANY people talking to me about our bike 🙂

  4. francomoolman on said:

    ek like dit die ideas kan n mens baie geld spaar en n gesin nade aan mekaar bring

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