We are still here. Chrimbo* is done and the little man back in school (quiet hooray). The prototype cargo crate for the as yet un-named bike builder was completed last week and was well received. Bar a couple of minor  tweaks it’s pedal to the metal for production. Being commissioned to produce something has some benefits because just like a deadline it focuses the mind on the task at hand. It’s one thing to doodle around with a personal project but the added impetus of coming in on budget and on schedule tightens expectations. This is good for us and our own line of baskets as it informs us of some of the upcoming challenges and opportunities. Stay tuned for an official press release……

The glorious Winter weather here in Oregon has me on my perennial gripe about so called ‘waterproof ‘ gloves. Basically I have concluded that unless you wear washing up gloves there is no such thing. All gloves aimed at the active outdoor person are sewn together out of multiple panels and no amount of coatings or waterproof/breathable fabric can overcome the fundamental dichotomy that these products are full of holes and therefore will never create an effective barrier to water. Yes, they may be waterproof for a season  but eventually they fail (which may well be deliberate). For cyclists this problem is compounded by the exposed nature of the handlebar position. Our hand are up front receiving the best that Mother Nature dishes out. Add to that all the rain water shedding of your shoulders and arms and your gloves become the spot where it all collects. Think of your gloves as ambulatory storm swales and you get the idea.  Tired of squeezing my fists to expel rancid water from my ‘waterproof ‘ gloves I have decided to try and solve the problem. A bold challenge to myself, no doubt, but there has to be a better way……..

* English colloquialism of Christmas

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One thought on “Update…..

  1. any word? i remember seeing these at bikecraft and have been thinking about them ever since. if i could buy one now, I would! 🙂

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