So, the blog has been dormant for some time. A long hot Summer (by Portland standards) and family fun has drawn me away. Art & Industry as a collaboration with Jeff Sayler is on the back burner for now. Our plans for the crate basket withered when we realized we had way more fun designing the thing than producing it. Even figuring out how to produce it was fun…. we just didn’t feel like following through. For now this blog will become a repository for all things I love about design and, of course, bicycles.

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One thought on “Changes……..

  1. I am Peter Stanley of, designer of EXTRA BIGASS BIKE TRAILER, and fingerjointed lasercut plywood products. I am considering designing a plywood bicycle, did some research and your name came up. I can help you by redesigning your bike for fingerjoint construction, which:

    eliminates the jig clamping process from assembly,
    eliminates the steaming process from bent-board making,
    improves joint performance,
    discounts the need for glue, andor gluing Order Or Operations,
    allows for easy bulkheaded features, for critical andor removable hardpoint features,
    can be shipped flat, depending on the customer,
    easy redesign for slight dimensional changes, or extra features, using parameterized solid models.

    Please examine my gallery for fingerjointed plywood products. Yes, spline bent fingerjointed parts are possible, we just don’t have a customer yet.

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