Design Envy……..

brano meres

Some people are just overachievers and leave the rest of us wondering what the hell we actually do with our time. Case in point: Brano Meres, a mechanical engineer and, just for kicks, part time industrial designer and photographer from Bratislava, Slovakia. In his spare time he builds stunning one-of bicycles out of materials like carbon fiber, bamboo and in this case laser cut sheet titanium and rivets. I have been a fan of his work for some years now. Not only are his frames pieces of sublime industrial art but the innovation and attention to detail is incredible. As he states on his website this one is not intended as a serious production piece as, clearly, the rivets will eventually loosen under the stress of riding until the thing rattles like a tambourine. But I don’t care because every time I look at his work I am reminded of the line by Robert Browning: ‘a mans reach should exceed his grasp or what is heaven for?’. Most people would be happy with creating something as stunning as this and then sit back and crack open a PBR but not Brano. His most recent frame does not disappoint. The X9 Nighthawk  (okay, the names is a little moody) is constructed of a polyarimide (Kevlar) honeycomb core sheathed in carbon fiber……….. breath taking.

brano meres 00

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4 thoughts on “Design Envy……..

  1. do you do any static or dynamic stress simulations on these designs? Why use square girders instead of triangular?

  2. We are featuring you in an article about the new book Bicycle Artisans in British Woodworking magazine. Could you please email me at so that I can ask you some questions?


    Nick Gibbs, Editor

  3. I just read your entire blog. Great stuff! I hope you still continue it some day.

    I have made a tandem, two recumbent trikes, a wooden bike and now I’m working on a cargo bike.

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