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being the personal blog of Michael Downes, father, husband, cyclist and industrial designer


3 thoughts on “about art & industry

  1. Andreas Pfister on said:

    Dear Michael Downes,

    I’m a student from germany and what you and Jeff Sayler created with the plywood cargo bikes is in my opinion just stunning. No. 2 is a real beauty. It’s time for alternative ways of transportation and alternative materials your work combines it in a perfect way.

    I’ve contacted you because I would very much like to build a wooden cargo bike myself.
    But I’m not a bike designer and so I wanted to ask you for a little help.
    Is it possible to get the construction plans of the bikes? I would be very happy and thankful about every information.

    Please just get in touch with me.
    My e-mail is: andi-aux@sags-per-mail.de

    Thank you very much!

    Andreas Pfister (bike enthusiast 🙂

  2. Patrick Barron on said:

    Hi Michael,

    My name is Patrick Barron, and I am a cofounder in the early stages of creating a new product category in the outdoor products space. At this point, we are looking to partner with the best industrial designer we can find that can help us create an extraordinary new product. My cofounder and I are big outdoorsmen and are personally devoted to the space; we also bring a lot of experience on the business execution side–both working for prominent strategy firms. However, our team needs a talented designer and an experienced adviser, and we’d really love to connect with you to discuss our concept and business model.

    If you’re interested in a short discussion, please shoot me an email. I realize you are a busy person, so I’d be happy to give you the pitch via email as well.

    Thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing back from you.


  3. Hi Guys,
    I yesterday read with great interested your entire blog. I am at the moment personally working on a Bike. I live in Vienna and have for the last 7 years been drive Bakfiets.
    I think you have made a fantastic bike from the visual point of you and can only imagine that it is great to also drive. Despite of your amazing job on the Blog I though have a few questions….
    Im looking forward to hear from you.

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